General Winter's Secret Museum

by The Tea Club

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"...Intensely punkish and atmospheric lyricism stitched with dramatic shifts and structured intentionality is the cloth of progressive rock from which this band is made. Rather than recycling the old prog themes, The Tea Club forges new paths and creates a sound that is immediate and urgent..."

-103.3 WPRB Princeton NJ

"...The Tea Club manage to achieve something almost as rare as unicorn sightings - marrying an enjoyable, agreeable sound with uniqueness, artistry and creativity... Although there is a lot to like about The Tea Club I thought the vocals were the most promising feature and the one that will most set this band apart from its progressive genre peers. McGowan has great range, imagination, passionate delivery and an appealing tonal quality that even Simon Cowell would have to acknowledge..."

-Jason Turner,

"...Really good melodic considered refined dynamic prog flavoured accomplished intelligent alternative rock from a young four piece from New Jersey. A colourful band, a considered band and a band with a flavour of their own – refined melodic prog adventure and now and again a breath-taking dynamic. An album that’s rather recommended and an impressive band who could well be making a few serious waves in the near future..."

-Organ Magazine

"...Listening to The Tea Club just confirms to me there is a lot talent out there. These guys are tight, sing really well and write some very interesting material. As a first recording General Winter’s Secret Museum is a major accomplishment, one they can be really proud of. They really deserve to be signed and heard by a wider audience..."

-Jerry Lucky,

"...The Tea Club is one of the few bands in existence today who can truly say that they are completely original. Truly, I have not heard another band quite like them, and in this day in age, that is indeed saying something. This is a prime example of what actual passion and love for originality in music can bring. As far as I am concerned, this is true Prog in it's purest, most valid form..."

-Micah 'Kain' Rollins

"...The Tea Club puts out a surprisingly lush and varied sound... with stylistic electric and acoustic guitar embellishments rare to this genre. In place of endless riffage, gorgeous chording and tasty chiming single-note picking keep General Winter's Secret Museum fresh and original... Each piece is performed with a fiery passion that has the whole affair giving most art-rock bands a run for their money, as beauty and bombast are balanced to maximum effect... Expansive and imaginative, The Tea Club's debut is a solid effort..."

-Warren Barker, Progression Magazine

"...The two brothers share the vocal position and it's these vocals that give this album its broad appeal, kinda like a head on collision of early REM, Radiohead and The Beach Boys on speed... It shouldn't matter where your taste lies, you should get enjoyment from this album, it's highly addictive... it's hard to categorise them without putting your head on the chopping block, let's just say whatever direction The Tea Club are heading they are damn good..."

-European Progressive Rock Reviews

"...'General Winter's Secret Museum'... is full of chugging rhythms, angular attacks that seemingly come out of nowhere, beautiful acoustic moments, and lovely layered vocals which only add to this band's charm... The imagery created by many of these songs suggests the words are as important as the music which is so refreshing in these days of mindless drivel we are so often bombarded with... This band deserves your attention..."

-Jon Neudorf, Sea Of Tranquility

"...There's hope for the future of prog with this young band."

-NewEARS - New England's Ear On Progressive Rock
(NewEars's Album of the Month of May 2009, "General Winter's Secret Museum")

"...THE TEA CLUB have restored my faith in Real Musicians creating Real Music. Deep, complex rhythms coupled with mature songwriting and and a clear dedication to sharing their inside feelings with the audience without falling into the 'Musician-as-savior' stereotype, four individuals who invite the listener to join them in their vision.."

-DJ Mojo

"General Winter's Secret Museum" is a very well done album and I can consider The Tea Club a true "Progressive Rock band" with an amazing musical talent, full of originality and great potential... Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable..."

-Carlos Vaz, Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-ZINE

"...Combining the unorthodox songwriting of progressive rock with an intrinsic feeling for modern alternative music, The Tea Club proudly do their own thing... it is obvious that this young band is unrelentingly following their own path... General Winter’s Secret Museum, an astonishing record that is accessible and thought provoking at the same time... not only sounds as professional as any label backed record, but even sounds more original and refreshing than those of the majority of big selling artists of today! If all self-released music sounded this good, there would be no need for record companies anymore!"

-DisAgreement Online


released July 1, 2008

Patrick McGowan (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)
Dan McGowan (Vocals, Guitar)
Kyle Minnick (Drums)

Produced and Mixed by Tim "Rumblefish" Gilles

Recorded at Big Blue Meenie Studio, Jersey City

Additional instruments on "The Moon"
written and performed by Tim Gilles

Album cover by Kendra DeSimone


all rights reserved



The Tea Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Werewolves
You know, it's not enough to get by
I feel it's best to let, sleeping monsters lie

It's not the real me
I'll be fine by morning
I just need a little time
This is my Mr. Hyde

It's not enough to get by
And paint your picket fence
As pure as the night sky
But why do it right?
If it feels good why not?
We're just getting by
You work until you die

It's not the real me
I'll be fine by morning
I just need a little time
This is my Mr. Hyde

Well I'm down and I'm wearing thin
I can't help but keep hurting you
Cause you're the only ones who still love me
I am not myself
I'm not myself
Just let me die
By my own hands

It's not the real me
I'll be fine by morning
You will never understand

Dawn and the sea is crimson red
Reaching eastwards far away from the rest
Where the man re-invents the wheel
Setting fire to a world of traps and scissors
Far away from the rest where the man re-invents the wheel
Track Name: Cool Smack
Follow anything for peace
Check the serotonin levels
I'm a scientist, I crush faith

I know you're scared of vampire bats
Did you know that they hung St. Peter like that?
I know pain comes from caring
Semi-conscious dream, awake to contradiction

The kids, they broke their studded belts
The young and beautiful grew old
Became computer animated
Follow anything for peace

I know you're scared of vampire bats
Did you know that they hung St. Peter like that?
I know the sun is dimming
Shining like cartoons, holding zodiac signs

Sing a song that brings me back
Takes my mind away from you
What you do it's not enough
Gave me a chance to do it right
But I'll always doubt you
What you do it's not enough
Will the world be too much
Or does love cast out the dark?
Hell has a tie on me that binds
Track Name: Big Al
Look out, here he comes
He's gonna tell you how it is
He's seen it all, had a blast
He's got punk rock for us kids

Throw me a catch phrase Big Al
I'd never miss a sage-like lesson
Throw me a clich? Big Al
I wouldn't miss a sage-like lecture

Oh no, here he comes
He's gonna show us where he's been
Why his way is the best way
'Cos he knows us and seen it all

Throw me a catch phrase Big Al
I'd never miss a sage-like lesson
Throw me a clich? Big Al
I wouldn't miss a sage-like lecture
Track Name: Castle Builder
Picture this,
A miracle that lets you sing like a god
Cry like the devil and sound like an angel
The harvest moon is shining down upon
A field of clouds that will soon be gone
There is no revolution
If we're all too frightened
To look each other in the eye

There it is,
A Vitamin that lets you live like a god
Go on forever and feel like a spectre
The harvest moon is shining down upon
A field of clouds that will soon be gone
I'll be waiting here for my chance
To start something new
There is no revolution
If we're all to frightened to die

Now we sleep
Beneath the shade of their wings
Now we wait
All day we stare at the lights
Know your place
That's where we spend a lifetime
All we had
We sold for sunnier days
Oh no

I'm where I belong
But nothing seems right
Track Name: Purple Chukz
Homily from them spliced in a jar
Glass reflection poised for sleep
Charcoal terrain stuttering speak
So enticing there it's

Grind daily bread
Colliding wild blue yonder
Clouded gloomy beloved

Prosthetic nerve ravishing lens
Worried darts reopen sores
Young Love
Never found me
Dead moral skin
At least I'm honest about it
At least I'm good at what I do
Track Name: The Clincher
Paints his room and keeps a clock
That Don't tell time, don't tell time
and cuts his hair when it gets in his eyes
No he Don't sing but he can play Has a SNARE for a Soul Knew A Guy
NAMED NEIL But He Don't sing the Blues
no more
Loves the Jazz and hits a block
that keeps the time, keeps the time
and paints the clock when it
looks in his EYES
No HE don't READ but he can
draw what he sees in his
HAD A Girl
but let
Track Name: Will O' The Wisp
Last night I woke up out of a two year deep sleep
Tried to go back but I know you can't
Last night I think I was hit by a speeding train
Never had a clue, but no one does

Last night it rained like the world tried to drown itself
You think it means something but you don't really care
Last night I prayed, asked for my father to be healed
Thought that was it, now I know it's not

East of the sun
You will melt away
Will O' the Wisp
West of the Moon
You will melt away
Will O' the Wisp
Track Name: The Moon
Followed you screamed from the oak
Roaming flame falls to the street
Where the scarecrow watched his field
Climbed the hill
The ruins were found, the omen took form

Fires and forests, the night which to hide
You called it Nebraska, said he died
God told the demons he was not impressed
This autumn to me had no end in sight

Yet all of this place has passed me by
The new harvest has died
Boundless and dead, its mercies are none
My thoughts to the days that are too far to be

The conquering winter is barren of snow
The haunted moon has turned to glass
Torturing, taunting, "My heir will be worse"
I watch now the sky as it darkens grey

Said "good-bye" to the crow
Waved "good-night" to the moon
Black branches like knives
Track Name: IceClock
Hear the seconds on the clock go by
When you hate the thing you've loved so long
But still I've always felt at home in the dirt
With the worms in the dark
He fell down the rabbit hole where the flowers
Poison butterflies
Into the tomb we go like clouds
In the middle of the night

Imagine her face when she puts you in the ground
But still I want to be born again
We fell down the rabbit hole
Where the earth makes paper butterflies
Into the tomb we go like clouds
In the middle of the night

Wait the sky turns grey
In the waning glow
Wait till the sun's away
To melt in the moon
It's too late to start anew
It's got me and it's grown roots
It's a part of me now
Sleep now midnight owl
Twilight falling bye-and-bye
Lord, I cry out for you
To become the MOONFREAK
And avenge these memories